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Do This Every Evening To Burn Fat Overnight

Posted by Allison Chin on
Do This Every Evening To Burn Fat Overnight

Check out Chris' latest workout with a nighttime twist. In his latest vlog he not only curates a special workout for you guys, but he even shows you the do's and dont's of maximizing gains overnight through low- impact, high intensity interval training exercises. 

Chris even walks you through some basic tips that can help you achieve maximum nutrition easily. He reviews baseline nutritional guidelines governing protein and complex carbohydrates ratios, as well as how to create your own low calorie, nutrient dense meals with an emphasis on cutting out processed foods. This will not only help your body physically, but can translate to an improvement in your mental and emotional well- being by improving sleep and decreasing stress. 


Now, go out there and follow along with Chris on the Heria Pro App to unlock your potential and challenge yourself!


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