Complete Arm Workout (DUMBBELLS ONLY)

Allison Chin
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Preemptively begin your New Year's fitness resolution with Chis Heria on this week's arm day workout routine!

Follow along as Chris shows you one of his most effective and thorough arm day workouts. He breaks things down by anatomical region and guides you through proper activation of each musculoskeletal component that makes up your shoulder, bicep, tricep, and forearm muscles.

The range of motion of each compartment is tested with the sole use of only dumbbells while even incorporating dynamic grip training. This optimizes the efficacy of the workouts by integrating and stimulating increasing amounts of muscle fibers and ensures a more holistic and comprehensive training day. To learn more about optimized strength training, make sure to download the Heria Pro App to continue to challenge yourself and stay up to date with all of Chris' content that is curated just for you!


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1 comment


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