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How I Workout Lower Abs From Home - Chris Heria (Follow Along)

Posted by Allison Chin on

Prepare for the holidays with this week's lower abdominal workout vlog! No equipment is need, so there is no excuse for you skip out on this one.

Follow along as Chris shows you one of his old school workouts that he still follows to this day due to its high rate of efficacy. These exercises will engage your lower abdominal muscles and allow you to achieve a deeper contraction that will fuel the tone of the targeted area. He guides you through this regimen step-by-step while offering tips and pointers, such as the importance of maintaining an elevated heart rate to optimize the amount of calories burned throughout the exercise. By doing so, this will increase the visibility of your abdominal muscular tone, help you achieve maximum gains, and get you one step closer to a rock, solid 6 pack!

To stay up to date and continue training with Chris, make sure to download the Heria Pro App to continue to challenge yourself!


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