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Complete 15 Min Chest & Tricep Workout | Dumbbells Only

Posted by Corinne Chen on

Join Chris as he demonstrates how to do a Complete 15 Min Chest & Triceps Workout with Dumbbells Only.  All that is needed is the motivation to get started. Don’t have a bench? Can be done lying flat on the floor.  The only other ‘equipment’ that will be used is an elevated surface. Make sure that it is sturdy and stable as you complete the moves - Chris uses a wooden box pushed up against the wall!  Each routine targets chest and triceps to build strength and muscle.

The exercises focus more on the quality of every repetition, take your time as you go through each workout. It is not about how many you are doing but how well you are doing each one within the given time - reps are not counted but time is! So, pick up your dumbbells, use ones that you can handle for the duration of the rep, and let’s get to it!


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