Chris Heria's Birthday Party Week

Corinne Chen


 Chris has a birthday bash to celebrate before the end of the year. And in true Chris Heria style, it kicks off with a bang as he picks up the one and only Tim Henson and heads back to his place.  From there it is a whirlwind of activities spent with family and friends as they hang out the first night at Boho House in Miami and end up at the side of a warehouse in Kendall at the end of the week.

Since Chris’ birthday is so close to Christmas, and Christmas is the season for lots of giving. - and some receiving! - he makes a trip to the store to purchase shopping carts full of toys for kids in need.  It’s always a good thing to take time out to give back, not only at Christmas, but year-round.  Check out the video to see all that happened in-between!  It has been memorable with good times to be had by all – with new memories made and old memories re-lived!


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