Corinne Chen


Fast paced and exciting – filled with gravity-defying stunts, spectacular imagery, and haunting music - that’s Cirque du Soleil KA.  In this vlog, Chris flies out to Las Vegas to meet up with Danell Leyva, a retired Olympic gymnast and current performer at Cirque Du Soleil KA, to run through a gymnast trapeze session.  Together they head out to visit Renato, an incredible trapezist and a friend of Danell, who has an entire trapeze rig set up in his backyard – 33 feet above ground level!

Renato gave some pointers on how to do a swing on a low hanging trapeze and progressed from there to the platform way above the roof top!  Chris stepped out of his comfort zone to climb to the top of the platform - this took some serious courage as he has a fear of heights.  It also required courage to know when to stop and it was enough for him to know that today, he made it to the platform.  There will be other opportunities to take it to the next level in the future!

Next up is a visit to the MGM Grand to watch the breath taking and incredible performance of Cirque du Soleil KA.  It is an experience that you really need to be there for; and after the show, Chris was treated to a backstage tour where he met some of the performers who were definitely an inspiration to him.

At the end of the day, it was an exciting and motivational experience; and according to Chris, ‘you only lose if you give up’ – and he hasn’t given up yet on overcoming his fear, so stay tuned!






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