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Motivation is the driving force for kickstarting us to do the things we do, but what is it that compels us to continue on the trajectory that we have set for ourselves?  In Chris’ case, it is not only looking strong, but being strong.  He is always challenging himself to take it to the next level.  Having the physique you want is not something that happens over night, but takes time and serious commitment. Minor goals that we set for ourselves along the way give us a sense of accomplishment and encourages us to stick to the plan.

These seven pushup variations are designed to develop a bigger and stronger chest and can basically be done anywhere as it requires no equipment.  Follow along with Chris as he starts with the easiest exercise and work up to the most advanced.  If you find that there is an exercise or technique that is difficult to execute, he will give you an alternative or an easier progression for it.  Stay the course and with time you will see results.

If you are ready to start, get the routine on the Heria Pro app and follow along.  If you don’t have the app, download it in the App Store or Google play store.


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