Bigger Arms Workout (Chris Heria Gym Routine)

Allison Chin

It's Arm Day on this week's Heria vlog. So, if you have been looking for a new workout to challenge yourself and strengthen your arms, it's your lucky day!

This is an effective workout for your arms that you will want to follow along step-by-step and incorporate into your weekly routine. For this workout, you will need either a pair of dumbbells or a set of resistance bands. By using equipment and following along, you will ensure efficacy because this routine was thoughtfully curated to hit each muscle within each muscle group. In addition, upon completion of this workout, you will have increased your relative and absolute strength. Therefore, you will not only look strong but you will also be strong. Now, make sure to download the Heria Pro app to easily follow along with this workout as well as many others. 




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