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Chris Heria's Treadmill + Abs Routine To Get Super Shredded 6 Pack

Posted by Allison Chin on

Welcome to another Heria vlog! This week's content deviates from previous posts in that this vlog delivers content to be viewed now and subsequently executed as opposed to you following along during the course of the video. So, get ready to watch and learn with Chris as he shares exclusive tips about his newest workout. 

The goal of this routine is to get you shredded. It is is super effective and has helped Chris in his overall athletic training. With a focus on cardio and abs, this workout can help you train like a fighter, as these are exercises that Chris has derived his personalized fight camp training. By incorporating the tips in this video, you will be performing at a top athletic level. It increases strength, maximizes endurance, and elevates the threshold of repetitions. Don't forget to fuel this workout with a nutrient dense diet and make sure to check out exclusive content to supplement this video on the Heria Pro App!




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