$180 Weight vest VS $1,000,000 Gym

Allison Chin

Who doesn't love a good ol' pros and cons list? Check out this week's vlog as Chris runs through the advantages and disadvantages of his Heria weight vest versus access to a top of the line gym-- basically, its a comparison of a $180 one-time investment versus access to a $1,000,000 facility.

Elements of contention include ability to build muscle, burn fat, and increase strength, endurance, and agility. So, Chris demonstrates different exercises to compare gym equipment to the equivalent exercises that can be alternatively executed with a weight vest. 

Of course, advantages of a premier facility include access to amenities such as a sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, and equipment that if used properly with appropriate programming will allow for serious gains. However, in comparison, a weight vest is a fraction of the price of a gym membership and can reap some incredible benefits, as well. In fact, Chris' fitness foundation and journey started with calisthenics and weighted calisthenics prior to the progression and incorporation of weight lifting in his regimen. Notably, it allows for the development of comparable and substantial muscle mass, strength, endurance, and agility that can be trained anywhere and at anytime. Now, make sure to download the Heria Pro app and check out our shop on ChrisHeria.com to secure your very own Heria weight vest!




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