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I Ate "Healthy" Fast Food For 24 Hours

Posted by Corinne Chen on


Some days we just don’t seem to have the time to prepare our food and we sacrifice nutrition for the sake of convenience by going down the fast-food route; but is this the best option for our bodies?  Follow Chris Heria for a full day as he goes through his workout routines and break for meals, searching for ‘healthy’ fast food.  Hear his comments on the effects it could have on your body if eaten on a regular basis.  The results can be felt immediately if one is used to eating minimally processed food with little or not chemical additives to enhance the flavor and simulate texture.  There are real time consequences to sustaining a diet of fast foods – low energy and fatigue can be some of the ways we react.  Our bodies are like fine-tuned machines, what you put in it affect the way it functions.

He wraps up his day of working out with his coach, Jason Ingwaldson @THEFAITHFIGHTER, for a bout of boxing followed by a few more calisthenics exercises, then it’s back in his car to get his third and last meal - dinner.  The past 24 hours has reinforced for Chris that it is better to prepare your own meals if you are able to.  He shares tips on what you can do to make it happen, so let’s get started if you’re ready to make some changes for a healthier and stronger YOU!


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