8 MIN ABS Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Corinne Chen


Check out Chris Heria’s vlog this week for an effective ab workout that requires nothing more than a dumbbell and eight minutes of your day over time to build strong, shredded and defined six-pack abs.  For the most part, we use our own body weight as resistance to train our abdominals by doing leg raises, mountain climbers or sit ups.  These are all super effective but if you want to create some progressive overload, you can either increase reps and reduce rest time or increase the amount of resistance.  Today, Chris is going for the second option – increasing the amount of resistance by using a dumbbell, or anything around the house that you can carry, while doing this work out.  Chris is always watching out for his beginners and this video is no exception.  They can either use nothing the first time or can use a water bottle and progress up to dumbbells.

Working with dumbbells will get you to reach hypertrophy much faster allowing you to get shredded and build more muscle in your abdominals.  Not only that, but adding extra weights to this exercise will get your abs stronger which benefits every other exercise as your abdominals support every lift.  There is a misconception that all you need for a six-pack is to be on a caloric deficit or to have a low body fat percentage, but like any other muscle group, you have to train your abs.  So if you’re ready to get started, grab your dumbbell, download the Heria Pro App in the App Store or Google Play store, open up to the YouTube workout section, click on this routine and follow along.


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