Try Not To Laugh Gym Memes With Chris Heria

Corinne Chen


It’s super hard to contain your laughter when you see something funny. The action to laugh is a reflex, like sneezing or coughing, so it is not easy to control. It is a response to a stimulus, whether internal or external - someone tickles you, you remember an incident that made you laugh, or you hear a funny joke, and next thing you are on the floor rolling with laughter!

No matter what the reason, we know that laughing is good for us because it increases oxygen intake into our bodies to help support our heart, our brain, our lungs, our muscles, etc. Laughing also releases endorphins, which is a ‘feel good’ chemical that our body produces to make us feel happy and to help relieve stress and pain.

To laugh or not to laugh – that is the challenge that Chris and Osvaldo (@OSVALDO_LUGONES) are faced with in this vlog. They are both shown a compilation of gym fails and memes. How well can they control their emotions? Who is better at not cracking up?  Who gets smacked the most with a noodle? Check out the video to find out.

As funny as it is to laugh at other people’s mistakes, it is also good to be able to laugh at one’s own slip-ups too – keeps us grounded!


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