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The last colab that Chris did with Danell Leyva, two-time Olympian for gymnastics, was in Las Vegas with the Cirque du Soleil a few weeks back.  This time, he’s back with Danell at Leyva Gymnastics Academy, a gym owned by Danell’s Mom in Kendall, Miami.  The goal here is to expand on what he has learnt so far from both Jorgie Valdez (I TRIED GYMNASTICS FOR THE FIRST TIME) and Danell.

Calisthenics training is a definite asset here as it gives Chris the leverage to handle some of the moves that require body strength and control.  Danell begins with a demonstration of a back hand spring and then takes Chris through a progression of steps to completing a back hand swing.  Having the correct take-off position and setting your body up for maximum leverage helps with nailing the move.  With Danell spotting for him, Chris gets the hang of it, but must nail each progression three times a row before moving on to the next.  Check out the full video to see the rest of the training session that Chris had to undergo and hopefully, it will inspire you to begin your own journey!




Leyva Gymnastics Academy


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