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Last One Standing Wins $1,000 | Chris Heria & Brandon William

Posted by Corinne Chen on



One hundred lucky contestants were given the chance to compete in a calisthenic tournament hosted by Chris and Brandon at the University of California San Diego.  The winner claimed the title of San Diego’s THENX Champion and walked away with a cool $1000.00 cash prize!

It was a day charged with excitement and the competitors were pumped up for the challenges ahead.  They were tested on their speed, endurance, strength, explosive power, and their ability to work as a team.  As they progressed through each challenge, the numbers thinned out as the frontrunners moved on to the next challenge – until there were two left. Check out the video to see who claimed the prize and won the title!!  A big shout out to all the participants and everybody who showed up to lend their support! It was a great opportunity to meet up with everyone that came!



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