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Chris Heria VS Elite Gymnasts

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Chris journeys to Las Vegas once again to meet up with Danell at the K-Star Training Academy where he is introduced to two incredible gymnasts and Cirque du Soleil performers, Trix and JCL, who will be his coaches for this session. Not only do we get to see Chris get coached by Trix and JCL, but we also get to see Chris return the favor and show them some calisthenic moves after his session.

It is interesting to check out other disciplines to see how having experience in one helps with the other, but for both calisthenics and gymnastics, strength and technique is key. The first technique that Trix demonstrates is the aerial, which is basically a ‘no-handed cartwheel’, but she first has Chris progress from a cartwheel to a ‘one-handed cartwheel’ and then to the aerial. The second technique is the TDR or the touch down raiz, which is a transitional tricking move to build other moves on. Really cool to implement once you have mastered the basics.

To execute these techniques, correct take off position and body shaping is important. That initial self-propulsion gives the body the force it needs, and it is a big plus to have a higher fitness level; but that should not deter you if it is something you would like to try. Practice makes perfect! Make sure that you have certified instructors training you.

So, from trainer to trainee, this collab is a must-see video, especially if you are a fan of Cirque du Soleil too. Art in motion! Thanks to Trish, Danell and Jason for the training sesh!








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