5 Lunch Meals To Get Shredded + Muscle

Corinne Chen


What we put into our bodies for ‘fuel’ is so important.  We want the food we eat to not only taste delicious, but also be good for our bodies, especially if we are working out to keep ourselves in optimum health.  Chris shares with us five healthy lunch menus that he prepares for himself on a regular basis that will help you to build solid muscle and get shredded simultaneously.  Some of the meals today will either have a higher fat or a higher carbs content that will cater to a variety of macro requirements for different people.  So, if you are stuck about what to eat today, how about giving one of these recipes a try.

Steak with Greek Salad

Tuna Sandwich

Protein Pasta and Chicken

Baked Chicken Wings

Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potato

Keep in mind that the other half to eating well is training well.  Download the Heria Pro App from the Google play or the App Store, open up to the YouTube Workouts library to have access to all of Chris’ personal workout routines.


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