Which Celebrities Made The BEST Body Transformations

Corinne Chen
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The incentive to get up and do something good for ourselves can come from within ourselves or from the positive influence of the actions of others around us.  Learning from like-minded people on the same path can also be the push we need when we find ourselves lacking the drive to continue.  It is always inspiring to watch the body transformations of people you ‘know’ and then be motivated to go out and do the same.

In this video, Chris reviews a few of today’s well-known celebrities who had to transform their physique for a role in a movie that they got casted for.  Check it out and let us know who you think did their best at achieving the best body transformation.

In the end, the best transformation would be the one that you achieve for yourself!


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1 comment


You got me going again when I lost hope. Now I’m competing in bodybuilding… Would you vote for me?


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