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How To Do The Perfect Pull Up

Posted by Corinne Chen on


Pull ups are one of the absolute best exercises for building strength and muscle in your upper back. In addition, pull ups sculpt your shoulders, your forearms and your pectorals. While the benefits of doing pull ups are great, it is by no means easy to execute because it requires that you lift up your whole body weight using just your arms and shoulder muscles.  It can be quite a challenge if you lack upper body strength to accomplish one, but not impossible; and once you can do one pull up, you can easily turn that one pull up into ten pull ups in a row.

Pull ups are one of Chris’ favorite exercises and in this video, he is going to show you how to train for it so that you not only look strong but you are strong.  What makes a pull up perfect is the form you keep when you do this exercise. 

Now if you are a complete beginner, Chris shows you how to start on a low bar with pointers on how to achieve a pull up; and if you can do pull ups already, he focuses on fine tuning your skill step-by step, making sure that you maintain perfect form for each progression.

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