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8 Best Cardio Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Posted by Allison Chin on
8 Best Cardio Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Do you incorporate some sort of cardio into your workout regimen? If not, maybe you should re- think it and step outside of your comfort zone!

Chris clears up some misconceptions about cardio workouts in this vlog. Cardio won't decrease muscle mass nor should it be neglected if you think you are already "skinny" enough. There is so much more to cardio exercises than what is conventionally promoted.

The purpose of cardio exercises is to promote and strengthen cardiovascular health. This includes improved systemic circulation, stronger contractility of the cardiac musculature, and enhanced neuronal functionality. Living an active lifestyle that encompasses varying styles of exercises can exponentially enhance your life and make you stronger. 

Every professional athlete utilizes cardio exercises and you can too by following along with Chris as he shows you some easy ways to incorporate cardio exercises. Make sure to stay up to date with Chris on the Heria Pro App!


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