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5 Best Exercises For Upper Chest (No Weights Needed)

Posted by Allison Chin on
5 Best Exercises For Upper Chest (No Weights Needed)


When training, it is so easy to get caught up in the vain world of fitness and only focus on the large, crowd pleaser muscles (i.e. biceps, quads, lats, etc.). It is purely human nature, and we are all prone to such happenstances. Therefore, Chris wanted to use this week's vlog to shed some light on a commonly neglected muscle group-- the upper chest

While a strong, well- trained, upper chest will, in fact, enhance your fitness aesthetic, it will impart even greater advantages to your body as a whole. By working out your upper chest, you can exponentially increase your pushing strength and take your workouts to the next level through proper muscular engagement and constant rotational flow. 

In this week's workout, Chris walks you through some upper chest workouts that are part of his own regimen. This routine is absent of any additional weight or equipment, and focuses on strengthening the split of your chest while working from your inner split to your outer split. He incorporates different techniques, such as lower body elevation, to enhance the angle and load of the exercises. To follow along more easily and check out more ways to enhance your workout, download the Heria Pro App to stay up to date on all of Chris' content!



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