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5 Best Exercises For Rear Delts (No Weights Needed)

Posted by Allison Chin on

With holiday season in full swing, making time to workout can seem like quite a burden. But, don't worry, because when you follow along with Chris, working out can seem like a breeze. 

In Chris's latest vlog, he walks you through proper training of your rear deltoids. Unfortunately, these muscles often get neglected on shoulder day in lieu of the visually appealing frontal and lateral deltoid muscles; however, in order to gain more muscular mass and improve your shoulder strength, balance of all three counterparts are necessary to reach optimal gains.

Balanced workouts not only facilitate strength training, but they can also prevent injuries and muscular strain. The body functions by means of maintaining an internal homeostatic balance, therefore, we too must participate the same fundamental, innate rhythm of balance externally

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