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6-Pack Abs for Complete Beginners You Can Do ANYWHERE

Posted by Allison Chin on
6-Pack Abs for Complete Beginners You Can Do ANYWHERE


Try out Chris Heria's latest vlog workout that's perfect for complete beginners. No disclaimers. No equipment. No experience needed. 

Chris guides you on the proper training protocol for 6-pack abs through basic, yet highly effective exercises. This program focuses on fat burning of the entire abdominal region, including obliques and lower back muscles. Chris also highlights the importance of mental strength in addition to physical strength by incorporating high- intensity interval training (HIIT) which contributes to a strong fitness mindset. 

Listen to your body and keep pushing yourself to ensure that you are constantly progressing toward your goal. Make time for yourself and keep giving 100% by checking out more of Chris' workouts on his app. 

Chris Heria’s App revolutionizes personal training by maintaining intimacy while increasing accessibility. You can find all of his personal workouts and take your training to the next level by receiving personalized workout programs from Chris Heria. Visit and download the Heria Pro App in the App Store!


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