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5 Mistakes Slowing Your Progress

Posted by Allison Chin on
5 Mistakes Slowing Your Progress

Follow along with Chris Heria in his latest workout vlog where he gives some simple tips and tricks on how to improve your fitness progress. He identifies 5 very prevalent issues that tend to be the culprits inhibiting personal progression. 

Some topics Chris discusses include recovery time for adequate muscle repair, workout efficacy based on training for your fitness level, and grip placement for musical stimulation. He reveals the 5 mistakes that are slowing your progress during your training which are also applicable to all forms of fitness.

By fixing these 5 mistakes, you will facilitate your acceleration toward your goals and stay on the right track. In order to ensure the best progressions suitable for your regimen and gain access to and step by step guides, download the Heria Pro App and train with Chris!

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