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Drop Sets - Are They Effective?

Posted by Allison Chin on
Drop Sets - Are They Effective?

What are drop-sets?

Chris Heria breaks it all down right here, right now.

He reveals the proper method of carrying out drop- sets in his newest vlog and highlights the do's and dont's in this carefully curated program designed just for you

Drop- sets are a fitness technique that involve continuing an exercise with a lower weight once muscle fatigue has already been achieved at a higher weight. It's based upon the principle of extending the amount of time under tension during sets to induce hypertrophy

Chris explains how to properly include them in your workout regime as he reviews a highly efficient approach to achieve the advantages drop- sets have to offer. These include increased muscle mass, sustained hypertrophy, and activation of deep muscle fibers.

Follow along on the Heria Pro App and get your heart pumping as you reach your maximum growth potential!


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