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Massage Gun

$144.00 $160.00

Heria Percussive Massager


Use the Heria massager for Muscle Treatment - Faster Recovery - Enhance your Performance and Naturally relieve pain.


- 10 mm Stoke Length

- 5 Levels Percussive Speed

- 6 Professional Massage Heads

- SUPER Silence Motor

- 5 Hour Battery Life

- 0.86g Light Weight to Carry


1. Shovel head

Mainly used for neck, shoulder and lower back.

2. T-Shaped head

Body parts are applicable.

3. Bullet head

Mainly used for joint or local pain points and lower back.

4. Bump Head

Body parts are applicable. More powerful.

5. Spherical head

Mainly used for larger muscle groups.

6. U-Shaped head

Mainly used for relaxation of muscles on both sides of the spine.



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