Bodybuilder VS Calisthenics

Allison Chin

We're back with another collab on this week's vlog. Please give a warm welcome back to Chris' pal, Jesse (@JesseJamesWest). Last time, Jesse was featured, they took their workout to the beach and tested their skills under a blanket of Miami heat. At that time, Chris was so impressed by Jesse's skill and grand finale move that he decided to welcome him back for another round of calisthenics training. If you haven't already seen their previous collab video, check it out by clicking HERE

This video will differ from the previous one in that the goal of this vlog will be to  teach Jesse, a body builder, the foundation of calisthenics. Chris draws comparisons between weight lifting and calisthenics training with regards to varying muscle compartments. He reviews different techniques of progressions for either modality and discusses the principles behind each. Progressions for weight lifting include adding additional weight versus progressions for calisthenics include increasing overload via body weight. This strengthens the external validity and generalizability of their training to demonstrate how a body builder can begin to train like a calisthenic athlete. For more workouts, make sure to download the Heria Pro App for additional content!




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