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Do This Routine EVERY Night To Get SHREDDED

Posted by Allison Chin on

Have you ever tried a nighttime workout routine? Well, this workout is perfect for you-- whether if you've already completed a workout routine earlier in the day or especially if you've found yourself not having enough time in the day to exercise. This will be the perfect nighttime cap that will help you burn those calories and build even more muscle.

This week, Chris Heria shares how you can get shredded if you follow this carefully curated routine every night. A proper diet combined with the appropriate strength training and cardiovascular routine can help you achieve your ideal physique. Adequate intake of dietary protein is super important for muscle growth, as it is metabolically demanding and contributes to growth of muscle tissue. Additionally, when shredding, don't focus on the number on the scale for this can be discouraging at times. It's important to remember that body fat is not always equivalent to body weight, and an increase in weight can be expected even in the presence of fat loss. 

Now, let's get started on this workout, and make sure to follow along on the Heria Pro app! No equipment is needed and variations are included to satisfy varying skill levels. 



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