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Morning Routine To Getting Shredded | 2018

Posted by Chris Heria on

One of the best life hacks is to start your day accomplishing something, try Chris heria’s morning routine and start changing your life and transforming your body today! DOWNLOAD HERIA PRO APP:

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  • Gina on

    Thank you for the video, it is very inspirational and informative and will be my new morning routine. I would love to see a video on what you eat in a typical day. Thank you :)

  • Marko on

    Can you do a tattoo story of that girl on your left wrist. Greetings from Germany c:

  • Charles Bohl on

    Damn, shear will power to bounce out of bed into this workout. Thanks so much for all the motivation Chris! Been looking up to you the past 4 months and continue to love the videos. Makes that grind easier and more enjoyable. Keep it going man, can’t wait to cop a weight vest!

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