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How To Get The Ultimate Physique From Home

Posted by Allison Chin on

Want to know how to achieve your ultimate physique without even leaving your home?

In this week's vlog, Chris shows you exactly how to achieve that physique via high intensity interval training (HIIT). This workout will not only help you build solid muscle, but it will also help you simultaneously burn fat. He goes over some of his tried and true exercises that are executed with high repetitions per interval of time. For this regimen, each of these exercises have been carefully selected so that each workout component engages every single muscle in your body. This facilitates that goal of the ultimate physique by promoting a complete, full body workout.

Chris brings a challenge to you all with this training routine so that your muscles achieve a state of hypertrophy, where your muscle fibers will tear, repair, and grow. If you do these compound muscle exercises for high intensity intervals of time, you will even get the benefit of after-burn effect where you will continue to burn fat throughout your day post- workout. 

Make sure to stay tuned and stay up to date with Chris on the Heria Pro App where you can find more content that will help you get shredded by building solid muscle and burning excess fat. 


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