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Posted by Chris Heria on
The story how I first started teaching calisthenics in Jose Marti Park,
cooking a vegan meal, And speaking on why I tattooed my neck!

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  • Selena Fletcher on

    Hi Chris,
    Just wanted to drop you a line to say great work folowing your passion. I stumbled upon your video looking for inspiration ~ your son caught my eye. I am middle-aged and in the process of following my dreams! Kids are pretty much grown, my partner is shifting gears and changing his career to follow his dream (our friends think we are crazy lol). But life is good. Back when I had children I used calisthenics to get back into shape. A couple of years ago I tried crossfit and tore my rotator cuff. I am not slagging CF I love the community aspect of it but I’m not so sure it is for people in thier mid 40’s. Anyway, thanks for the inspirational vlogs. You obviously love what you do and I completely agree with your advice to your friend, “you never know who you are reaching”. Keep up the great work. Canada says hello!

  • elder on

    i can relate to this and is very inspiring.

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