we hit 1million subs on the THENX channel so we had to install a pull up bar in the office and shoot an epic video! we find a bigger unit in the building we are going to move into in feb. 2018!
and the guys go through and epic handstand push up & 50lb Push up challenge!


  • Hüsso

    hey, chris, I already began working out to get in shape and I love your videos. They are amazing and motivating. I wanted to ask you, if you could make a video about warming up before chest-day/push-up-routine. Could you?

  • Damien

    You are amazing guys!!!!!!!!!

  • Tanin

    Hello chris, I started training weight and calisthenics about 3 months. Now i can muscle ups but everytime i do muscle ups. I have forearm pain.When i take a rest about 3-4 days the pain disappear. but when i do muscle ups again.The pain returned. Can u give me some advice or how to fix it.

    and if i want to buy a jogger pants and i live in Bangkok . Do you deliver to Bangkok?

    Thank you so much

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