Do This To Master Your Body Weight

Allison Chin

A skill is defined as competent excellence. How does once even become skilled anywho? 

Chris Heria and his team bring training back to its basic foundation and remind us how to get to where we want to be. When training to attain certain skills, we must be cognizant of various factors that play a heavy role in accomplishing goals. 

Efficient training takes not only physical strength and endurance but also mental strength and endurance. That said, one of your most valuable assets to be aware of and take advantage of is the ability to listen to your body and respond accordingly. In order for your muscles to grow, they need to rest. Therefore, make sure to rotate your area of training in order to facilitate continuous progress in balance, strengthen, and endurance.

Do not be afraid to modulate the intensity of your workout in order to increase the volume and vice versa. You will not lose gains by allowing your muscles to rest. This will actually promote growth, rehabilitation, and prosperity of your body as a whole. It takes strength to hold back sometimes-- especially when you know your maximum threshold of capabilities, but you have nothing to prove to anyone. So, always make sure to keep your body and mind in your best interest, and stay patient as you build toward a better you.

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B. Bell

I love watching your workouts; but getting there is so hard w/o bars. I was a gymnist and wished my trainer taught us “half” of what you do😂.I’m 50+ now and dealing w/failure of olympic hopeful in equine sport. I chose 9 rounds as my workout b4 trials, now wishing I saw yours first. So you sold me on retraining my bod through calisthenics now that i gained all this depressing fat back. Thank you for an upbeat challenge😉

MIkhail Francis

Good evening, Chris I have a question for you and I would love to get your feedback. Should I keep my core tightened the whole day? When I tighten my core it’s dramatically more harder to breathe. I keep hearing about how chest breathing is bad and how Diaphragm breathing is good. What do you think?

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