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Posted by Chris Heria on
Check out my routine for Training & nutrition in This Vlog episode! stay till the end to see one of my go - to meals when it comes to building muscle and making GAINS!

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  • Mark James on

    Chris Heria did a video on tips for Improving, what is the recommended protein powder he uses? I got it once it’s amazing but I lost the bottle and I lost name.

  • Andreas Krautgartner on

    All i wanna know is how you split your Training?

  • Yashe on

    Please tell me the tips to be lean,fit and happy all the time…

  • Paul Tam on

    Hey Chris, do you recommend drinking protein shakes? Such as whey protein pre/post workouts.

  • Emmanuel on

    Hi Chris I’ve just started to do your exercises and I want to get your the physique and strength because I believe it will increase my confidence but I’m don’t know if eating things like eggs chicken Greek yoghurt Weetabix mince banana will be right + I have serious mass as I’m 11st is that ok to take or not? King regards keep up the good work you legend.

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