Chris Heria Trains With Nathan Bosech (Unreal Strength)

Corinne Chen

 If you have ever been inspired by the crazy moves done by your favorite anime character and wondered if it was physically possible, wonder no more. Meet twenty-one-year-old Nathan Bosech: the calisthenic athlete with incredible anime-like strength who has definitely taken his calisthenics to the next level.

The degree of strength and control that Nathan exhibits in all of his moves is insane and Chris meets up with him to chat and have a training session with him. He was already in training to be a boxer when in summer of 2018, he encountered a guy on the beach doing a handstand to straddle planche. Overcome with curiosity, he went up and asked him what the move was called. He then attempted it and because he had the benefit of body weight training, was able to do execute a ‘good’ one. Excited at his success, he returned to his city, told his friends and they went to their first calisthenics park. He was hooked!

At their training session, Nathan shows Chris the steps to accomplish planches on your thumbs and fingertips, and the process to developing the strength to do so – the background work that “takes years of unwatchable stuff- that is important and so necessary to accomplish the ‘beautiful stuff.” It is not an easy move, and as Nathan told Chris, “When you realize that this is what you want to do, you go for it, there is no other choice!”

Chris’ last evening in Bulgaria is spent with dinner among the friends he has met and ends with a toast to friendship and calisthenics!


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