How To Do The Perfect Push Up

Corinne Chen


In this video, Chris is going to go back to basics with instructions on how to do the PRFECT PUSH UP. It’s always good to revisit some of the exercises that we have been doing over a period of time, and check ourselves to see if we are doing quality push-ups.  This is so that we can be sure to maximize the benefits from the exercise.  For now, don’t worry about how many you are doing, focus on how well you’re doing them.  Start by doing some warm up exercises for your wrists to prevent injury and to strengthen them.  If you need a good warm up exercise for your wrist, check out his YouTube video on ‘Build Wrist Strength (No More Pain)’.

The muscles engaged in executing a push up are your chest, triceps and shoulder and the muscles stabilizing this exercise are your core, abdominals, lower back, glutes, and lower legs – quads, hamstrings and calves.  It helps to keep constant tension in your entire body; from the grip on the floor to your arms, your core, lower back, glutes and your legs. Don’t break the form and do not arch or bend your body while doing your pushups. Follow along with Chris for more as he breaks it down.  As long as you keep all of the points in check for the duration of your push up, you’re always going to have perfect form.

 So, keep this in mind - PERFECT FORM = PERFECT PUSH UP. Let’s do this!


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