5 Best Handstand Variations You Really Need

Allison Chin

Ready to add some excitement into your life? Well, mix things up and train your shoulders the calisthenics way with Chris Heria this week on the Heria Pro App!

Chris takes shoulder training to the next level with this shoulder routine. He walks you through the 5 best handstand variations that will greatly improve your handstand balance, strength, and coordination training. If you feel that your basic handstand technique could use supplemental training, check out Chris' past handstand tutorial (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNC5lkoE2Fs) that will get you to where you want to be in order to give this workout your all.

The handstand is one of the best exercises that synchronously activates all of the muscles in your body in order to maintain proper alignment. It establishes and develops coordination as well a heightens body awareness. Fine tuning of these skills can be superimposed into other aspects of your life-- athletically, mentally, occupationally, and socially among others. Physically, handstands will impart insane core strength and enhance powerful shoulder muscle development which can offer some health benefits in the long run by protecting your visceral compartments. By training handstands, you maintain the ability to train your shoulders at anytime and anywhere!


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