10 Exercises To Build A BIGGER Back WITHOUT Weights

Allison Chin


Here's how you can get a bigger, stronger back with just 10 movements. 

Chris Heria is back with his signature workout routine style that is focused on a single muscle compartment utilizing a structured routine that can be broken down and quantified. As usual, no weights are required!

That being said, there are 5 other items that you must be adherent to in order to build a strong back and body. This includes nutrition, hypertrophy, training with progressions, consistency, and rest.

1. Your diet should be protein packed and composed of nutrient dense snacks that will keep you full and contribute to a healthy body. 

2. Hypertrophy via repetitions and strength training contributes to growth and mass. 

3. Training with progressions allows for the continuous implementation of harder exercises that inhibits plateaus and keeps your body challenged. 

4. Consistency is essential not only regarding working out but also everyday life. By maintaining a routine, focus will come more naturally and a goal-oriented mindset will be much more feasible. 

5. Repair is essential to growth. Listen to your body and find the balance between challenging your body while being kind to it as well. 

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