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I Learned Muscle Up 360 At Miami Beach

Posted by Allison Chin on

We are in the heart of summer, as is reflected by Miami's rising temperatures these past few weeks. However, this weather did not stop Chris Heria-- in fact, he wasn't afraid to take things back outside for another Miami Beach workout!

This time, Chris' brother, Stefan Heria (@stefanheria), aids him in demonstrating the 360 Muscle Up. Chris originally learned this move back in 2011 right here on Miami Beach, and now, a decade later, he's going to be doing the teaching as he breaks it down step-by-step for all you, Thenx athletes! Basically, this move is an advanced muscle-up variation where you explode off the muscle-up, catch air, do a 360, grab the bar, and lastly control yourself as you decelerate back down. It requires strength, power, and coordination, and the goal is to fully master it so that you any incorporate it into any free style repetitions. Always remember, to remain steadfast in your goals. If you don't get it the first time, it is totally okay to return to your stepwise progressions and work from there. This will ensure an optimized accomplishment and build a stable foundation for growth and gains. 

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