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Posted by Allison Chin on

This week, we have a visitor in the house-- Mel G (@melgfit)! Check out this dynamic duo as Mel G shares her fitness story journey while Chris Heria runs through some handstand progressions, such as elevated pike holds, wall walks, and handstand kick-ups, with his longtime friend on this week's vlog. 

These two might make these progressions looks easy peasy, so don't feel discouraged if you're trying these out at home and cannot nail it right off the bat. A tip to facilitate your handstand journey includes supplementing your training by following along on the Heria Pro App. Also, it is of utmost importance to remember that every progression takes a significant amount of time to master and your own pace is good enough. A self- driven challenge is always healthy but make sure to check in with yourself to prevent frustration and optimize your growth. 



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