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Testing Our Skills With The Weight Vest | 2018

Posted by Chris Heria on
Testing Our Skills With The Weight Vest | 2018

We tried every exercise we could think of wearing the new Chris Heria Weight vest! Osvaldo Lugones Youtube Channel: DOWNLOAD HERIA PRO APP:

JOIN OUR EVENTS: (currently updating)

If you download the app and take the 30 day challenge, you have a chance to win a credit of $200 to

To Qualify: Must Take Day 1 & Day 30 photo. Send Before & After photos to:

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  • Cristián on

    Do you ship ti Chile? Price ?

  • Ballal on

    Where is that weighted vest !

  • Maurice Hernaiz on

    I hate auto-correct !

  • Maurice Hernaiz on

    Can I still get the best if I’m. It an elite athlete. I believe it could help my progress if loaded very lightweight . I could be wrong . Let me know thanks.

  • Rebecca Lupé on

    Chris we can’t wait for this vest, and are intrigued to know how much it will be? Please let us know. Kind regards Rebecca

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