Testing Our Skills With The Weight Vest | 2018

We tried every exercise we could think of wearing the new Chris Heria Weight vest! Osvaldo Lugones Youtube Channel: DOWNLOAD HERIA PRO APP:

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If you download the app and take the 30 day challenge, you have a chance to win a credit of $200 to

To Qualify: Must Take Day 1 & Day 30 photo. Send Before & After photos to:


  • Niel Hernandez

    i was surprised that the shipping fee cost much higher than the item itself, i hope there would be cheaper shipping options lol, but still i wanna have this badass vest. gotta save some money for this!

  • TGmac

    We ready my guy😂 im up 6am

  • Adam

    It is September 14th correct….? Lol how do we buy this thing….?

  • edwin

    where tf is it?

  • Bryan Nunez

    Yeah hey, where can i buy this vest legit woke up at 0400 just to try and buy it.

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