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K-Star Training Academy, Las Vegas is where you will find Chris this time around trying to see just how flexible he really is. He links up with head coach and owner of the Academy, Ulziibayar Chimed-Sahagun who began her training as a contortionist at the age of five in her native country of Mongolia. Coached by one of the best coaches in Mongolia, she became quite proficient after two years and at the age of seven, began working for the Mongolian Sate Circus where she was able to support her family. Cirque du Soleil founder, Guy Laliberté scouted her to join the company at the age of nine.

As with any sport, warming up is key, but it is crucial in executing the various contortions that Chris will be attempting today. Failure to warm up properly can lead to bodily injury, so please do yourself a favor and remember to always warm up before any workout sessions. There are three key elements to doing contortions: strength, skill and flexibility. There is no doubt that Chris has the strength, but in this video, he is going to challenge himself to see just how bendable he really is as Ulzi takes him through a progression of flexibility exercises.

A big thank you to Ulzi for an amazing session!









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