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Eat These 5 Desserts To Get Shredded & Lose Weight

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Sometimes the urge to have a sweet treat is so overwhelming that you can’t resist breaking your dietary goals!  The temptation is especially overpowering when you’ve made the decision to restrict/eliminate sweets from your diet in the pursuit of better health.  So, what is a person to do?  Well, if you are Chris, do you eat desserts?  Of course!  But only if he is first, certain of the ingredients and method used in making the dessert and second, if he has been working out consistently and can afford the extra calories.  You do not want to sabotage your goals and your health!

Since sugar is one of the ‘culprits’ in all desserts, Chris will be replacing it with monk fruit extract.  Monk fruit, also known as Luo Han Guo, is a small, round fruit with a fragile shell.  It is native to China and is used in herbal preparations as well as in Chinese soup recipes.  Chris’ grandmother usually adds a small piece of the fruit together with other herbs when she cooks her ‘Chinese Herbal Soup’.  It lends a mild sweetness to the soup and according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, is known for expelling excess heat as well as helping with chronic coughs and throat inflammation.

Chris is substituting some of the other ingredients for healthier options as well: almond flour instead of wheat flour and replacing some of the cream cheese with yogurt.  Follow along with him as he whips up five delicious desserts that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth without sacrificing too much!  So, while the appearance of the finished dessert may look and taste like the desserts that you are used to eating, the difference is in the ingredients used.  Enjoy!




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