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Complete 15 Min ABS Workout | RESULTS GUARANTEED

Posted by Corinne Chen on


Start the day with this fifteen-minute abs workout that will help get you where you want to be.  We all have fitness goals that we would like to achieve.  Add this workout from Chris to your routine to help get you there.  This high intensity interval training routine will be working your cardiovascular endurance so it will actually burn more calories in a shorter amount of time.

 Be sensible with your game plan and remember that if the plan is to gain strength, get shredded and stay healthy, other factors come into play – diet and nutrition, getting enough sleep, taking time to enjoy life and reducing stress.  Eating healthy is key to staying fit and Chris has some really great videos on cooking up delicious but nutritionally dense meals.  Check those out.

Having and sticking to an exercise routine coupled with eating healthy will produce results over time.  Eating healthy and exercising are two of the branches on the same tree to getting fit and staying healthy.  The nutritionally dense food you eat is fuel for your body – you can’t run a car on an empty tank.  Don’t give up! Be consistent!

 So if you’re ready to get started, download the Heria Pro App in the App Store or Google Play store, open up to the YouTube workout section, click on this routine and follow along.


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