Perfect Abs And Obliques Workout From Home

Corinne Chen


How about an abs and obliques workout that you can do at home today?  Check out this routine from Chris as he goes through a series of exercises designed to help get you where you need to be.  Getting that shredded solid six-pack requires that you focus on two main fitness goals: having a low body fat percentage and having a proper routine just for your abdominals.  The upside of strengthening your abdominals is that you will develop a stronger core, which supports the other exercises that you do and also give you balance and stability.  This is a workout that you should include in your regimen at least one a week.

Word of advice from Chris while working on this routine: If you start to feel fatigue, you can always slow down and still engage your core. Whatever you do though, do not stop. Save that for the rest!  So, if you are ready, let’s get started!  Download the Heria Pro App from the Google play or the App Store, open up to the YouTube Workouts library and you should be able to find this routine.


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