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Posted by Chris Heria on

Join Chris Heria as he shows you the calories he eats and burns through out his day between his meals and his daily routine running the Thenx company, training hard and spending time with his son.

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  • Responding to Yash on

    Yash, I’m just a random person, but the reason it differs is because the amount of calories you consume for maintenance will differ from person to person.

    - Your weight
    - Your height
    - Your age
    - Your metabolism
    - Your activity levels
    - How much rest you get
    - How consistent you are with rest, eating, etc..
    - How much stress you have
    - Any disorders / illnesses you have.

    As such his maintenance and yours are unlikely to ever be the same or even close.

    For someone weighting like 100lbs they might be able to eat 1000 calories doing nothing, but super active might need 2000 calories.

    Then someone who 300lbs might need like 3000 calories doing nothing and 4000 when they’re super active

    These would be generic examples so that these people can maintain the same weight.

    Once you know your maintenance level which you should count your food consumption calories for at least 3 weeks and if your weight doesn’t fluctuate much between weigh in average. Then you’ve found your maintenance level and if its less then you need to add more calories and if its more then you need to decrease calories.

    Once you’ve found your maintenance you need to then figure out your target weight and your goal should be more like 1/4th lb loss per week at max which is 12lbs per month. If you move too quickly you’re likely to lower metabolism by starving yourself which will reduce the total food you can consume and the amount of energy you have in the day for workouts. Instead only decrease slightly and stay very active with workouts. You also want your sleep schedule to be consistent so pick a time to wake up and wake up at that time every day. You also want to consume food enough that your body won’t go into starvation thus lowering your metabolism. This also means you don’t need to eat Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner it means eat when your body needs to refuel ideally after workouts or whenever throughout the day, but don’t use “whenever” as a way to just consume junk food loaded with calories. Figure out what you’ll eat for the day and eat that specific setup as you need it.

  • Yash on

    Hi Chris,

    Always excited to watch your videos, awesome content dude!!

    My question is about calories I should consume per day – I’m M 26 177cm, trying to learn calisthenics, I have a office job but I do a run or biking every single day for around 20-30 minutes on top of 3/4 decent tiring sessions.

    Online calculator suggests I should consume 2600 calories per day so I am confused after watching your video because you are so active than me every day and only consume 1800 calories, can you please clarify mate ?

    Thanks heaps

  • F on


  • Ahmed on

    You have returned me to a great feeling I missed for so long. I translate English to Arabic and do research. Let me know anything you would need for free.

  • Raphael Morales on

    Love the videos very inspiring thank you.

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